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Big changes to bin collections are set to be introduced in Stockport amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The council says the number of workers being forced to self-isolate means services cannot continue as normal.

Green bin collections - for garden waste and cut flowers - have been cancelled until further notice.

Food waste from caddies can now be put in the black bins for non-recyclable rubbish.

Blue paper and cardboard recycling bins will now be collected every four weeks, rather than fortnightly.

Town hall bosses say the impact of coronavirus on its workforce has left them with no choice but to make changes.

A spokesman said: “Despite the fact that our bin collection crews are working as hard as they can to maintain a collection service for Stockport residents, it is increasingly clear that, because of the number of staff affected by coronavirus and having to self-isolate or self-isolate because a member of their family is ill, the current collection service cannot be maintained.

“Because of this some changes, hopefully the last change before we can revert to normal service, will have to be made.”

Coun Sheila Bailey, cabinet member for 'sustainable Stockport', has made a plea for patience while the authority attempts to manage the impact of the coronavirus on its workforce.

She said: "The change in the collection schedule will affect residents but with everyone's cooperation and patience the council and (contractors) TLC will be able to maintain a service during this very difficult time.

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“Everyone, I'm sure, will join me in thanking our collection crews and all staff involved in trying to keep the bin wagons rolling."

The council will release more information about the new blue bin collection schedule at the end of next week.

Stockport's three household recycling centres - in Cheadle Hulme, Bredbury and Marple - have also all closed indefinitely due to coronavirus.

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