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An adorable video featuring children from a Trafford school thanks mums everywhere this Mother’s Day.

Children from St Hilda’s C of E Primary School in Firswood, Stretford, made cards for their mums and learnt a poem off by heart to recite for the video.

Their headteacher, Carla McCoy, praised the ‘lovely’ video for Tiny Happy People, a venture which is designed to tackle the pre-school language and communication gap in Greater Manchester. 

The initiative, launched by Greater Manchester Combined Authority and the BBC, provides a set of free online resources for parents to help develop their child’s language and communication skills.

Pupils learnt verse by heart for the BBC project

Featured here, the poem says:

Where's the thanks for being a mum?

All the things you say and do.

And all that you really get is...

It's a thankless task.

Although, is that a 'thank you'?

And that?

And even that?

The 'thank you' of a tiny chap?

Because you should know that it is you who gets us excited.

Not toys, but you.

And what we really mean is 'thanks, Mum'.

Thanks, Mum, for telling me all this great stuff,

So one day, I'll know enough.

So when I say 'No!', what I really mean is 'let's go!'.

Keep talking.

You are the codebreaker.

The Supergirl.

The exhausted hero of our tiny world.

Because even when it seems hum-drum, keep talking.

This face means 'Thanks, Mum!'

Making mum feel special

Ms McCoy said: “It’s gorgeous, I’ve watched it about a million times.

“The children come across with such personality and confidence. The BBC commented on just how special St Hilda’s is due to its warm nature and wonderful, talented pupils.”

But that wasn’t the only visit the school, which serves youngsters from Firswood, Stretford, Old Trafford, Whalley Range and Chorlton, has had from the BBC recently.

Earlier this month, the school appeared on Songs of Praise, when a children’s author visited year five and six pupils to share stories from her book.

Out in April, Michelle Sloan’s Extraordinary Women in the Bible promotes powerful women’s stories.

It features the story of Deborah, a judge and warrior, Esther, a queen, and Anna, a prophet who waited her entire life for the arrival of Jesus.

To celebrate International Women’s Day, Michelle visited the school to tell their stories to a new generation of young people and show just how accessible the Bible is.

Michelle said: “I thought that the Bible was inaccessible in many ways and quite difficult to read, but in fact I found it to be the opposite.

“And the stories that I found were just so engaging.

“I think it’s reassuring and comforting to know that women so long ago had to face and overcome challenges.

“I would like to share these stories so that young people who have faith or not can see the benefit of facing up to challenges and tackling them the way these women of the Bible did.”

St Hilda's youngsters have been fighting for a greener future

Year six teaching assistant Jacqie Brown praised Michelle for making the lesson ‘interactive’ for the students.

And Ms McCoy said: “It is important for girls to have role models and for boys to see women with respect and as equals.

“We really strive for that in school. We promote courageous advocacy. All of our boys and girls care, listen to and respect each other.”

St Hilda's pupils tree planting (Image: Manchester Evening News)

The pupils have learnt to respect not only each other but also the environment, by founding an eco-committee.

It recently became one in six schools in Manchester to get special eco-funding, and encourages children to look after the environment by planting trees and recycling.

The school has also joined up with the Keep Britain Tidy to do litter-picking, and the Woodland Trust donated trees to the school which have been planted to create a woodland area which encourages wildlife like birds and insects.

Children have become so impassioned about the environment they have even drawn up leaflets telling parents to switch off their engines while they wait outside the school gates, in a bid to reduce air pollution.

Children from the school's eco-committee (Image: Manchester Evening News)

Or better still, those who ditch the car and walk or cycle to school are rewarded with badges to promote being active and making environmentally friendly decisions.

The school's efforts have achieved a Woodlands Silver Award and an Eco-School Silver Award.They have been invited to meet the Mayor of Trafford at Manchester United’s football stadium and talk to him about a greener future.

St Hilda's pupils from Year 1 to Year 6, pictured in nearby Longford Park, are passionate about their eco-committee

Ms McCoy said: “The children have really taken it on board.

“They have been quite empowered about how they can make a difference, have a voice and be heard.

“They are now very articulate and realise how they can get their point across using productive arguments, debate and protesting in a polite and respectful way.

“They are actively doing campaigns in school about the use of palm oil and deforestation in the Amazon.”

Posted: 2020-03-22 08:54:57

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