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Residents in Bury are bracing themselves for more heavy rain and wind after flooding hit the borough.

Dozens of people living in Redvales were forced to leave their homes when the River Irwell burst its banks on Sunday morning following a deluge of rainfall.

Homes on a number of streets were left under several feet of water.

Families were seen leaving properties in Warth Road carrying bags filled with clothes as water levels on the street rose to several feet.

Homes in Kendal Drive, Bury, were left under water after heavy rain (Image: ABNM Photography)

Firefighters had to help some residents leave, as they had been left trapped inside due to the flood water.

Hannah Chapman, who lives in Openshaw Fold Road, told how she had to break down a neighbour's fence to escape flood water.

She said: "It is a like a river down there. I don't know when we will be able to go back."

A rest centre for evacuated residents was set up at Castle Leisure Centre in Bury town centre.

The exact number of homes affected is not yet known.

A car tries to negotiate the water in Warth Road, Bury (Image: ABNM Photography)

Warth Business Park, off Radcliffe Road, was also under several feet of water. The site is home to several businesses.

For some homeowners, it was the second time they had been forced to evacuate in less than five years.

The area was hit by severe flooding on Boxing Day 2015 and, although the floods were not as widespread this time, many residents spoke of frustration at seeing their homes submerged in water again.

In Ramsbottom homes and parks were also flooded as water levels on the River Irwell peaked at 3.07m at around 1pm.

Trees and fences were among the items left strewn across Nuttall Park after being swept aside when the river burst its banks and submerged the park in water.

Trees and fences were felled in Nuttall Park in Ramsbottom when water from the River Irwell swept through the park (Image: MEN)

In Strongstry, a hamlet just north of Ramsbottom, dozens of homes were flooded as large amounts of rain water washed down from nearby bridges.

Joanna Clegg's house in North Street was one of those damaged.

She had tried to fend off the water by installing defences outside her terraced home, but it managed to seep in from under her kitchen sink.

Dozens of homes have been damaged by flood water in Strongstry, a hamlet north of Ramsbottom (Image: ABNM Photography)

The property has been left with extensive damage to the ground floor, and is also without gas or electricity.

"It's soul destroying," Ms Clegg said. "Everything that was downstairs is destroyed and it smells really bad.

"It is going to take ages to clean this up."

Others watched in horror as cars were submerged in water, debris sent swirling down streets and road surfaces were ripped apart.

Dorothy Barke, 85, piled sandbags outside her home in an attempt to hold back the muddy water.

The surface of Strongstry Bridge was ripped apart as water washed down it (Image: ABNM Photography)

"All I could see was water," she said. "It was horrendous.

"I was trapped because I did not want to open the door in case the water came in."

While visiting Redvales to assess the flooding on Sunday afternoon, Bury Council leader David Jones blamed climate change for the flooding.

He added: “I feel sorry for all the people affected and we are doing everything we can to help.

"We’ve invested millions in flood defences but this is bigger than Bury Council."

Flood warnings remain in place for parts of Radcliffe on Sunday evening, although others in Redvales and Ramsbottom have been lifted for now.

Brooke and Bailey Ellis having fun in the flood on Warth Road (Image: ABNM Photography)

Rain and high winds are forecast to sweep across Greater Manchester for at least another four days following Storm Ciara.

Forecasters say there will be further showers and wind throughout Sunday night.

Coun Tamoor Tariq, who represents Redvales ward, urged residents to look out for updates from the Environment Agency.

He spent the afternoon visiting those affected and praised the efforts of the emergency services and members of the public in helping to evacuate people.

He added: "The indications are that there should not be a repeat of this weather tomorrow.

"Although we did not see a repeat of 2015, there are still homes that have been damaged and lessons can be learned.

"I will be making contact with those affected over the next week."

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